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Elendilmir Ettenmoors Status (log in to post)

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athgrufreep raid now 20. we are 6 :)18 hours 43 min ago
athgruminday night, 1857 hrs mst. got a fraid of 13 out. 4 creeps. need help if any are so minded :)20 hours 9 min ago

Who We Are

BAOS is dedicated to providing the support and leadership in the Elendilmir Ettenmoors to triumph against the Freep invaders of our lands. We also work to ensure equal opportunity KB'ing of every enemy out there!


If you're the best at what you do (or at least decent at it), leading, targetting, cracking jokes, or being cannon fodder and want to be part of one of the the best tribes on Elendilmir - Fill out an application

Creep Teamspeak Payment time again

Updated for 2014


It is that time again where we need to pay for Teamspeak.

The Total cost that we need to maintain another 12 months is $210.   

Any donation is welcomed, if there is extra it will go towards additional TS payments as well as website upkeep.

Thank you everyone for the support


Simply copy the link below and it will take you to the paypal donation.  Thank you.


Hello all. 

BAOS is now accepting application for joining the ranks!!


Please go to the read me thread to apply if you are interested.  Thank you!!

athgru application

Application form (please copy and paste)
Creep Names: athgru, mugza, ripronk, thaldhog

Highest Ranked Creep and Class: athgru R9 BA.

Previous Tribes: han ushtar

Time Zone: mountain time.

Age: 43

How long have you played in the Ettenmoors as a Creep: about a year

FYI gang - Teamspeak outage

Event Start: JUN-17-2014 @ 12:00PM EDT (noon) [16:00 UTC] Event End: JUN-17-2014 @ 05:00PM EDT [21:00 UTC] Event Scope: Install and activate additional routing infrastructure in multiple cities. Outage Scope: Complete network outage, up to 25 minutes.   On June 17th between the hours of 12:00PM EDT (16:00 UTC) and 05:00PM EDT (21:00 UTC). LightSpeed, in tandem with our global network providers, will be performing network maintenance to improve the scalability, redundancy, and availability of our network.

Man Cave Trophy (Annual Golf Tournament)

As some of you know, I have recenly been through a minor renovation at my primary residence. One of the rooms that we updated was my office. My office serves as a man cave, war room for lotro (and other) gaming, and where I work out of professionally to pay the bills.

I was gaming the other night with Bludgash and he mentioned a friendly golf outing that he and colleagues participated in for philanthropic purposes. Some of my fraternity brothers and I have an annual golf outing, though charity, outside of customary gratuity, isn't the focus of this specific tournament.

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