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Elendilmir Ettenmoors Status (log in to post)

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Mudfu18+ on track no creeps :(6 weeks 2 days ago
yickymultiple groups/raids - need more creeps9 weeks 3 days ago

Who We Are

BAOS is dedicated to providing the support and leadership in the Elendilmir Ettenmoors to triumph against the Freep invaders of our lands. We also work to ensure equal opportunity KB'ing of every enemy out there!


If you're the best at what you do (or at least decent at it), leading, targetting, cracking jokes, or being cannon fodder and want to be part of one of the the best tribes on Elendilmir - Fill out an application

Creep Teamspeak Payment time again

It is that time again where we need to pay for Teamspeak.

The Total cost that we need to maintain another 12 months is $207.37.   

Any donation is welcomed, if there is extra it will go towards additional TS payments as well as website upkeep.

Thank you everyone for the support


Simply copy the link below and it will take you to the paypal donation.  Thank you.


Hello all. 

BAOS is now accepting application for joining the ranks!!


Please go to the read me thread to apply if you are interested.  Thank you!!

Busted Rank Farmer (Timtam)

Caught another rank farmer out of Gramsfoot. I watched him do this several times but didnt want to bore you all with an extended video. Follow the link, the dirty deeds are at the 1:00 and 3:00 marks.

I also have a video of the conversation I had afterwards with the free to play reaver, Lisp. It has some value in it's own right, for those of you interested, and it also documents the ticket I submitted to Turbine.


As I've eased back into 'Moors action and seen a bunch of old ....'friends' out there, I decided to look around the web and see whats out there and whats left from my earlier active days before my multi-year break from the game... and what do I come across?? None other than the BAOS website that still has my account after '5 years, 15 weeks' of inactivty.

Shall we return to the time honored tradition of funny raids?

Ok, so we've been having some good time lately. Do we want to occasionally start having funny raids and/or themed raids?

Basically, in case you don't know there used to be times where we'd do class raids. Everyone would log into or roll the class that was picked. So we'd end up with 24 defilers/ba/wl/etc. These were always great times to just relax and joke around instead of focusing so much on kills and infamy.

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